NRA Warmup

The NRA is next weekend. We have news from the lead-up to the Convention, and yet more violence in Chicago.

1.) Speakers. Owing both to his pro-gun platform and the convention being across the street from CNN, Donald Trump will address the NRA Annual Meeting at the Georgia World Congress Center this weekend. Other speakers confirmed to speak include Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and Georgia Senator David Perdue. Remarkably, despite the recent discussions in the State Legislature, Senator Perdue is the only Georgian confirmed to speak.

2.) Everytown. To the shock of pretty much nobody, Moms Demand Action will be having a protest of some kind outside of the NRA convention. Not much more to say there, so let’s move on.

3.) Suppressors. The NRA is likely to make another push for the Hearing Protection Act at the Meetings. Last week, they highlighted a study showing that a lot of people who have used firearms (for some reason) never used hearing protection. reports:

“The results of the study, and the drawbacks of some widely-used hearing protection options, show the importance of increasing access to firearm suppressors,” said the NRA’s release. “While ear plugs and ear muffs are important tools in this battle against hearing loss, expanding access to suppressors will increase the safety options for shooters reluctant to employ other methods of hearing protection.”

There has been very little progress on the bill in either the House or the Senate. The NRA seems intent on changing that.

4.) Chicago. 28 people. Shot in 18 hours. There is a reason that most of last year’s murder rate increase is due largely to a handful of cities, and is not a national trend.

Chicago continues to be the main force behind the murder increase. Which is interesting considering how difficult it is to get guns there.

5.) Alabama. The Senate in Alabama has gotten the state much closer to becoming the latest Constitutional Carry state. It passed 26-8. The bill goes to the House, and if it passes there it goes to the desk of a Governor who has been supportive of the legislation.

NRA next. Protests, speeches, and more in a city short one interstate.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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