It seems odd doing a Midnight Run with the NRA Convention in full swing, yet with very little material coming out of the Convention. We have the odd spat between the USCCA and the NRA, we have the usual speeches from (mostly) the usual people, and generally there isn’t too much to focus on as far as material from the Convention goes.

At the same time, Georgia is back on the front-burner of the fight for gun/self-defense rights, and the attention of the country does add pressure for Gov. Deal to sign pro-gun legislation. This week, we handle campus carry, the “protests” outside of the Convention, and Chicago still being an incredibly violent city.

1.) NRA. If there was one major part of the Convention thus far, it is that Donald Trump became the first sitting President to speak to the Convention since Ronald Reagan. Trump’s speech (which was later posted to NRATV was essentially vintage Trump. It included ramblings on the election, the media’s reaction to the election (although Trump did not mention the Convention’s next door neighbor, CNN, by name), and essentially promising that he would “come through” for the NRA and its memebers. In other words, it was a full-throttle support for the Second Amendment, which we have already seen previously with President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination.

There is also the bizarre side story of the United States Concealed Carry Association being booted from the exhibition while the NRA introduces its own insurance program. It isn’t exactly making friends with that spat.

2.) States Fights. There’s not enough material for a full States Fights episode, but there is this article from Washington Examiner showing a whole host of state-level victories for conservatives. Everything from term limits in Missouri, to criminal justice reform in Kentucky. It truly is a fantastic read.

3.) Chicago. I feel anything I could say here would be something I’ve said before. So we’ll leave it at this: Chicago is still a very violent city, having passed 1,000 gunshot victims for 2017 this week.

Let’s move on.

4.) Alabama. In what is sure to galvanize constitutional carry advocates, a leaked email from the Alabama Sherrifs Association warns members to oppose the legislation “if you value your permit fund.”

It strongly suggests that the main opposition to constitutional carry is not safety, but rather money. This will almost certainly be used in debates across the country from here on, as it is an email that explicitly shows what many in the permitless carry movement have been saying.

And there are very, very few ways to explain away the “permit fund.” The email really is that damning.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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