Grab Bag: May 2017

Campus carry is signed into law in Georgia, the French go to the polls once again, and Trump shows his support for religious liberty.

1.) Georgia. After what was basically a five-year standoff between a Republican governor and a Republican legislature, campus carry was finally signed into law this week, complete with the expected promises of doom from people who had previously seen the Governor’s scathing veto statement last year as proof that campus carry was dead in this state. The bill does have quite a few limits, as Students For Concealed Carry’s Robert Eagar and Ja’Quan Taylor noted in a Reddit AMA, but the bill is an excellent step forward.

Congrats to those responsible for getting this bill through.

2.) France. Macron and Le Pen won the election two weeks ago, and their runnoff is this weekend. Euronews is definitely the source for news on the election as it happens tomorrow.

Anyway, major stories in that election include an avalanche of leaked documents from Macron’s campaign suggesting extremely close ties to the banking industry. Macron has denied the allegations that he is under that sector’s control.

“I’m not under the thumb of the banks. If that were the case, I would have carried on working for them. If I was under their control, when I was in the French cabinet, I wouldn’t have proposed a law to cut the banks’ monopoly. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have presented a programme which is also for the middle and working classes,”

The election is Sunday, with results likely coming during Sunday afternoon here in the US.

3.) Trump. Fulfilling a campaign promise, President Trump signed an executive order that eased restrictions on the political activities by religious organizations. Trump said that “”no one should be censoring sermons.” The purpose of the order was to alleviate the “burden of the so-called Johnson Amendment,” according to FOX News.

Stay alert. Stay informed. Stay free.

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