This week, a recap of news surrounding the death of Bearing Arms EiC Bob Owens, plus two setbacks for Constitutional Carry, and some good news out of Tennessee as an NRA-backed bill passes the Senate.

1.) Bob Owens. Robert Eugene Owens, the founder and editor-in-chief of Bearing Arms, was found dead this week of an apparent suicide. Moments before, Owens had posted to Facebook “In the end, it turns out that I’m not strong. I’m a coward, and a selfish son of a bitch. I’m sorry.” This post was seen as wildly out-of-character for the by-all-accounts friendly and selfless Owens by most of those who knew him.

Gun control advocates eventually sounded off, not exclusively in a negative tone, surprisingly enough.

Bearing Arms other half, Jann Jacques, penned an article for Bearing Arms a day or so after the events occurred

A memorial has been set up on GoFundMe for Bob’s wife and daughters who are 9 and 17.

We are asking everyone to respect his family’s privacy during this most difficult time, and I’d like to personally remind everyone that what you write impacts more than just the stupid thread you’re writing on.

Please know that his family will be reading what you write and act accordingly.

I would turn off the lights here at Bearing Arms, but that wouldn’t honor Bob or his work. Please give me a few days, and I promise we’ll be back. Or rather, I’ll be back.

We most certainly are diminished.

Of course, our condolences to his family and friends. As of this writing, the GoFundMe linked above is still in operation if you are so inclined.

2.) Legislatures. You wouldn’t expect Louisiana or Texas to be opposed to Constitutional Carry, and yet both have, in some form, shot down such a measure in their respective legislatures. Louisiana simply voted it down out right, whereas, according to Texas State Representaive Jonathan Stickland, the bill wasn’t voted on but is dead regardless. Stickland places the blame on party leadership, noting that Democrats cannot be held responsible for stopping a Republican bill in a Republican-controlled legislature.

Stickland notes, however, that he fully intends to continue fighting for permitless carry in future legislative sessions.

3.) Smart Guns. There is also a bill in the US House mandating that only smart guns be manufactured within 5 years. This isn’t going anywhere, and is kind of a bizarre attempt to mandate technology known for failure and putting way too many steps in between the gun being loaded and the gun being fired.

Not worth discussing further, so we won’t.

3.) Tennessee. The Senate in Tennessee has passed an NRA-backed measure that would require cities/counties that do not want people carrying in their buildings to hire security, install metal detectors, and check bags. The measure passded by a large margin of 26-5, however it is slightly different than the bill the House sent the Senate.

The NRA claims the bill would hold local governments responsible for the safety of citizens in their buildings.

4.) Blowback. Finally, a few thoughts on the annual Fourth Of July special, Blowback. For those unfamiliar, Blowback may be a bit jarring, as we dispose of the mostly-clinical approach of the news, Dirt and Blood, and the Tactical Reviews. Instead, Blowback is an article dedicated to American history, self-reliance, and yes the concept of American Exceptionalism. In short, Blowback celebrates and embraces American patriotism in the classic sense.

Last year saw Blowback expand on the origins of the American flag, which largely set the tone for the month. This year, Blowback will continue to focus on the origins of this country, which will dovetail into future editions on the free speech movement, and an update on Lethal Ignorance; which focused on first-aid and severe weather.

This week, we ended up taking on a negative tone, and for that I apologize.

Blowback will have no such negativity. It’s extremely difficult to study American history and come away with a dim view of the country.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.3

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