Springfield Armory addresses the current controversy with a slick video, a PD in Texas holds a gun buyback, and a torrent of lawsuits planned for Campus Carry in Georgia. Plus, a new bill that would force the death penalty for anybody who murdered police.

1.) Springfield Armory. A long, complication story that was exhaustively covered over at has apparently culminated in a slick video from one of that controversy’s main targets. My InSov colleague at This Is The Line found a video Springfield has released trying to both do some serious damage control and reaffirm the company’s support for the Second Amendment.

At this point, you either believe them or you don’t.

2.) Gun Buybacks. For some reason, the police department in Fort Worth, Texas held a gun buyback today. Any guns, $50 gift card, no questions asked.

Not much more to say on that, really. We all know that gun buybacks don’t accomplish their stated goal.

3.) Blue Blood. A bill that would essentially make attempted murder or murder of a first responder a death sentence passed the House this week. Critics call the bill redundant, and argue that it could drive a deeper divide between law enforcement and the community at large. Supporters see it as forcing extremely harsh penalties for those who deliberately target first responders. President Trump has not signaled whether he would sign the bill, but has heavily shown his support for law enforcement, often comparing how he intends to treat them with how he believes his predecessor did.

4.) Campus Carry. After a failed protest at the NRA Convention in Atlanta, and a lot of bluster that went nowhere when the the bill originally was signed, opponents of Georgia’s new Campus Carry bill are now looking to grind the bill down with a ton of lawsuits. The suits are expected to be focused on the grammar in the bill, what the AJC calls “murky language.”

At this point, it’s obvious that campus carry WILL come to Georgia, though how is anybody’s guess at this point.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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