Grab Bag: June 2017

It’s worth noting at the start that it appears London is once again dealing with terrorism. Multiple reports from the BBC and Sky News have suggested that the London Bridge “incident” is very much terroristic in nature, on the heels of the Manchester attacks.

As there is not enough information (actually, there is next to no information) on the attacks, we will not focus on them here, and a Tactical Review segment for an event in progress is counterproductive and silly. The only way to glean anything from such a Run would be to base it on wild assumptions and speculate.

Both of which are unacceptable.

This week, Texas lawmakers want allow first responders to carry, Wisconsin wants to go permitless carry, and the Washington Post acknowledges that silencers are anything but silent.

1.) Texas. Continuing a sudden run of pro-self defense legislation, Senators in the Texas legislature approved a bill to allow first responders to carry firearms. This extends to everybody from paramedics to VFDs. The bill was proposed by a Texan firefighter.

2.) Wisconsin. Looking to add itself to the growing list of permitless carry states, Wisconsin is now mulling a bill that would allow the carry of handguns without a permit so long as it was openly carried. The bill had a hearing this week, but whether the bill can actually survive remains to be seen. Opposition has been largely what you expect, including a slightly-differently phrased take on “I support the Second Amendment but”:

Milwaukee Democrat, State Senator Lena Taylor, has a problem with that. “I voted for concealed carry. I believe that people have a right to carry. But I believe that some levels of restriction are appropriate,” Taylor said.

3.) Suppressors. The Washington Post nuked essentially all reason for opposing the use of suppressors this week by publishing their own tests of suppressed guns vs. unsuppressed guns. The results are what readers of the Midnight Run and InSov would likely expect; the can only reduced the sound of the explosion to just barely safe hearing levels, but in no way silenced the weapons.

The takeaway line on this article is the final one

There is little that’s quiet about a firearm with a silencer, unless one also thinks a jackhammer is quiet.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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