Groupthink 2017

Apocalyptic rhetoric from anti-gunners on Constitutional Carry as other anti-gunners look to make misdemeanor hate crimes cost a person their firearms rights, and Brits are looking for their version of the Second Amendment after a series of terror attacks.

1.) Constitutional Carry. At this point, discussing anti-gun criticism feels redundant. It’s essentially a bingo card of end-times rhetoric ranging with increasing severity from “it will put more at risk” to “more children will die” to “all living things shall perish in a sea of fire.”

But, since it is the only stuff the opposition appears to have, by definition it’s the only stuff they can use. And so it is with Constitutional Carry as Everytown satellite Moms Demand Action released a statement against such bills in both Michigan and North Carolina. Interestingly, they refer to the handgun licensing system by the trademark “common-sense” terminology, before going right back to the default “this will put families at risk” rhetoric we’re used to.

2.) Hate crime. A term that is, by itself, completely vague, could now be used to strip people of their gun rights. A new (and, in this Congress, doomed) bill would seek to put “misdemeanor hate crimes” on par with felonies in terms of a permanent loss of gun rights.

Yes, misdemeanors. The definition of which meaing a “minor wrongdoing” or “less serious than a felony.”

3.) My InSov colleague at This is the Line brings us this next story. To the presumed shock of anti-gunners here in the US, the recent terror attacks in London do not have people going for tougher bans on various weapons. If anything, the attacks have galvanized the pro-gun movement in Britain. The logic is one that will sound familiar to American audiences; namely that terrorists can’t stab more people if they are shot mid-stream.

The idea of armed citizens as a defense against terrorism isn’t new. In an interview with ABCNews, INTERPOL had suggested that such a defensive force would be an excellent tactic The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, also suggested that their citizens could help fight terrorists by shooting them.

It’s not a bad tactic, it has great support, and it’s far better than hoping they wouldn’t do anything.

Further, while the shows of solidarity, strength, and patriotism are perfectly fine on their own; an armed citizenry would be an enhancement to the only kind of strength terrorists understand.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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