We’ve seen violence from the left before, with Antifa, the Berkeley madness, and Sir Bike Lock (also of Berkeley). We’ll be discussing the anti-free speech movement in Berkeley shortly after Blowback.

What we haven’t seen, is a politician being shot as a result of such extremism.

That changed this week, with the shooting of Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise.

1.) Baseline. Let us start with the original shooting. On June 14, 2017, a man walked into a GOP baseball practice and began firing a rifle. The Republicans were there practicing for an annual tradition; a bi-partisan baseball game to support a multitude of charities. The Congressman who was critically injured, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, also happened to be the House Majority Whip. A picture of the shooter soon emerged, and revealed a number of interesting details that essentially destroyed the narratives forming around the case (as tends to happen almost mechanically now). Namely, that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter who had it out for Trump, even going so far to ask if it was Republicans or Democrats on the field, prior to shooting.

He also had a criminal history, including arrests for battery, drunk driving, and resisting arrest. He was shot and killed by Capitol police in the ensuing shootout. (The Congresspeople were unarmed. More on that later.)

Currently, Scalise is expected to make an “excellent recovery, although initially, he was expected to stay in critical for a considerable amount of time.

2.) Noir. Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that the Governor of Virginia went on a pro-gun control rant almost immediately. My InSov colleague over at This is The Line found an absolutely brilliant response from NRATV’s Colion Noir on the absurd reaction from anti-gunners, ranging from suicide rates to their general avoidance of the truth when discussing firearms.

It is a ridiculously good seven minute video that is worth your time.

3.) Aftermath. The revelation that the suspect was anything but a right-wing extremist poked holes in a number of theories. My InSov colleague Catty Conservative found that Huffington Post quietly scrubbed an article essentially saying Trump “must be prosecuted for treason and — if convicted in a court of law — excecuted.”

Not the best thing to post on a public forum.

The more liberal elements of outrage cesspit Twitter didn’t help matters either, looking to advance gun control, and mock Republicans over the shooting.

This mix of vitriol, combined with the violence we saw at the baseball field, at Berkely, and other locations, gave a right-wing group exactly what it needed to re-contextualize the Georgia 6th Congressional race as a matter of not caving into the “violent left.”

4.) Shooting back. Despite being exactly the kind of people who would badly need to be able to protect themselves in the current climate, Congresstypes cannot carry guns. This Is The Line found a report stating that Republicans on the Hill are looking to amp up national reciprocity by dramatically loosening up the District of Columbia’s gun laws, and allowing people who hold permits in other states to carry in the District.

This, presumably, would extend to the members of Congress as well, many of whom very likely hold licenses to carry in their home state.

In other words, the response to the shooting by Republicans is to become harder targets.

Which is exactly what it should be.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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