Yet another “referendum on Trump” goes in Trump’s favor, a Sheriff in Florida strongly supports an armed citizenry, and the odds of a Conservative court for a generation. The Run is slowing down to prepare for July, so we will close with a few notes on this year’s July editions.

1.) Handel. What was hyped up beforehand as a referendum on Trump, a possible sign of trouble for Trump in 2018, and the first of many victories in “the resistance” to President Trump….ended up being none of that and exclusively in his favor. Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in the race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. The aftermath of which, alongside other “referendums on Trump” that didn’t pan out, led to Democrats trying to blame just about everybody for the loss except themselves. Surprisingly, one Ohio Democrat did observe that “our brand is worse than Trump.”

It also led to a now-famous still of stunned CNN anchors that came to encapsulate both the left’s and the media’s reaction to the Georgia 6th result.

2.) Grady Judd. Very, very few people have the blunt, deadpan style of Polk County, Florida sheriff Grady Judd. Famous for a 2015 press conference where he laid out exactly what would happen if someone drew down on his deputies, he extrapolated on his seriously anti-criminal message this week in an interview with WFTS. After the series of attacks we have seen around the world, Judd has taken the tack that he doesn’t want people to be “sitting ducks.” He notes that police, by nature, will have response times, and that citizens should be able to defend themselves in the intervening time.

He urged citizens to get a firearm, get a license to carry, “and if you need to shoot somebody, shoot them a lot.”

3.) SCOTUS. Reports are emerging this week that Justice Anthony Kennedy, largely regarded as the swing-vote in multiple SCOTUS cases, could be retiring as early as the close of this term. This would give President Trump a second nominee to appoint, and also would tip the balance (if Trump holds to his promises of conservative judges) of the Court significantly to the right for a generation.

It doesn’t take much to wargame exactly where that would lead. It would be a major boon to the survivalist, and indeed the liberty movement as a whole.

4.) Programming Notes: July. I tend to mix things up on occasion. Last year, July saw a series of digressions from the usual newsroom briefs. In addition to the traditional Blowback entry (focused on Independence Day), we discussed everything from First Aid and CPR in Lethal Ignorance, to the true meaning of the Second Amendment in Origins.

This year will follow a similar three-part structure, continuing and supporting Blowback’s original mission of celebrating Independence Day, and being a celebration of the country’s belief in individual liberty over state control, and the associated belief in self-reliance. We will start with Blowback on the night of July 3nd, which will focus on the debates that surrounded both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. We will move onto a discussion on the Free Speech movement, and those actively attempting to silence their opponents through violence among other tactics. We will close by, to the extent we can, updating Lethal Ignorance and expanding it to basic physical fitness (being physically able to handle threats being a key part of surviving them), and the collapsing standards thereof in this country.

This will also change the update schedule somewhat, with a primer for Blowback airing next Saturday, followed by Blowback itself on the 3rd. There will not be a Saturday update that week (Blowback is actually quite large this year, regardless). We return to the normal schedule on July 15th.

The founding documents of our nation, the battle for free speech, and an update to our massive discussion on First Aid and disaster survival; because there is considerably more to the fight for liberty than firearms.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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