Grab Bag: July 2017

We’re going to meet again in just over three days, and Blowback is packed.

The side effect of both is that the week before tends to be rather light.

This week, a massive FBI report sinks more than a few anti-gun narratives, PA looks to allow staff at high schools to carry, and a note from about an Italian immigrant who has become a big fan of our Second Amendment.

1.) FBI report. The FBI has published its definitive report into the shooting of Steve Scalise on June 14. The Alexandria report notes that the attacker had two guns on him, both of which accquired from an FFL (meaning a background check took place. In addition, the SKS rifle had been modified to accept detachable magazines. In other words, the shooter skirted what would be an “assault weapons ban” while also showing that universal background checks wouldn’t do much to stop something like the shooting from occurring, as those are merely the same background checks FFLs run, but in private sales.

2.) Guns in schools. The Pennsylvania Senate has approved a bill which would allow school employees to carry weapons given certain requirements. However, the bill still requires approval in the House, and the governor, Democrat Tom Wolf, is opposed to the measure.

The bill’s sponsor says it would allow school districts to protect children, an opponent read a letter by educators from Sandy Hook.

3.) Vianello. As we prepare for the 4th of July, I feel this is a good way to close until our meeting on the night of the 3rd. There is a really quick bit out on about an Italian immigrant who came to the US a few years ago, and quickly began to get into firearms, and the history of the Second Amendment. He writes

The Second Amendment, like all the others, is one of the basic rights that every American in every state should defend. I am surprised at the disinformation campaign of the media and the propaganda against firearms and I hope the people of this great country never forget the importance of their right to bear arms.

He’s Italian, but he is also American.

We will discuss the Second Amendment, indeed the Constitution as a whole (and its predecessor), Monday night.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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