Normalized 2017

This week, we’re back to the news. Starting with incredible news about concealed carry permits, and a discussion on the irony of anti-gunners suddenly finding issue with licensing systems they once supported. Also, 2 anti-gun mayors have been charged with corruption.

1.) Permits by-the-numbers. John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center has a new study out showing that there are 16.3 million CCW permits in the country. This, of course, is on the heels of a series of record-breaking months for CCW permit applications across the country. The report notes, in particular, the massive jump in permits from the start of former President Obama’s administration in 2007 to the start of President Trump’s administration earlier this year. In addition, the report notes the expansion of permitless carry, and how 1/3 of the new permit holders are women.

Despite all this, the crime rate has not surged with the rise in CCW permits. Presumably because nobody actually believes people are waiting to “legally” commit first-degree murder.

2.) Anti-gun response. Liberty Park Press has the new narrative from anti-gun types. Gun control groups used to support the idea of licensing, however it appears they no longer do so. Everytown For Gun Safety is apparently side-stepping this minor conflict in order to gin up fears about the idea of national reciprocity.

They always said we should treat guns like cars, but apparently that does not extend to the ability to cross state lines.

3.) Anti-gun mayors. Mayors Against Illegal Guns cannot seem to have people avoid being indicted on criminal charges. News this week of two Pennsylvania mayors being indicted on federal corruption charges. US attorney Louis Lappen, according to, said “the mayor of Allentown and the former mayor of Reading charged in the two indictments unsealed today sold their offices to the highest bidder — violating the trust and confidence of the citizens of their cities. Both mayors, working with other corrupt officials and business-people, directed lucrative contracts to companies who agreed to provide campaign contributions in exchange for work.”

Stricter laws for the rest of us to follow, and (at least allegedly) for them to circumvent to their benefit.

The modern anti-gun movement in a nutshell — or at least in a court document.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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