Doubling down on “domestic terrorism” rhetoric, and how Gorsuch is an “illegitimate” Supreme Court Justice.

1.) Baltimore. First, we’re going to kick off with something that was going on during the last Midnight Run. Baltimore had basically called for this past weekend to be something of a ceasefire. In other words, declaring that the city could at least make the effort to literally go two days without somebody being shot to death. It lasted one day, but many who called for the ceasefire see that as progress. (And, in semi-fairness, it is. Though the fact that “a day without murder” is progress speaks to the dire circumstances Baltimore is in.)

Essentially, the weekend initiative is seen as the start of a movement.

2.) NRA. You know things have gotten desperate when the NRA is spun as a “domestic terrorist threat” (despite the collapse of violent crime rates, the phenomenon of crime dropping around NRA conventions, and of course the the surge in gun permits nationwide). But that apparently is exactly what has happened, as Democratic Representative Kathleen Rice labeled the NRA’s members as domestic terrorists. She singled out NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, who responded on the organization’s streaming video network. This also has led to an expansion of the NRA’s now long-running “Freedom’s Safest Place” campaign, taking direct aim at the cozy relationship between anti-gun politicians and a large portion of the news media.

3.) Wisconsin. Madison Police Chief Mike Koval, meanwhile, has taken a considerably different tack to handling his city’s spike in violent crime. According to Guns.com Chief Koval says that the surge can be traced to a few dozen people.

“Whenever we have an incident command post following a serious shooting or homicide, I am always amazed that the same names keep coming up on every board!” Koval said. “Sometimes they are friends of currently affected parties to the crime, sometimes they are family members, or have children in common, or have gang ties . . .but the overlapping spheres of connectedness are uncanny.”

So, obviously, he intends to go after the “few dozen” people directly. It is a bit different than Sheriff Clarke’s approach for the last few years, but it certainly appears to be a solid plan regardless.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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