Before we go anywhere, an important note about the frequency and content of the Midnight Run.

The Midnight Run has been updated almost once a week, since November 2013. Over time, the style has evolved. The updates in July versus the updates that surrounded it taught me one thing and it needs to be addressed.

Put simply, the news has gotten repetitive. There is very little motion from week to week in the Midnight Run’s main focuses; gun rights, survivalism, etc.. But shifting to the July updates, which cover a single topic in-depth, rather than multiple topics in rapid succession, not only led to a better update but also led to a much more thorough and clinical discussion of the Run’s main subjects. They were, to be direct, a more interesting, more entertaining, and frankly more fun-to-write series than what has become attempting to find a narrative out of extremely little movement. In addition, since the launch, I have taken on several projects unrelated to the Run.

All of this is to say that the Midnight Run is changing. Starting after next week’s update, the Run will enter a bi-weekly update format. Regular news work will more regularly give way to longer form discussions on survivalism, first aid, gun rights (and individual rights in general), and more. This switch will lead to two major things. The first is being able to go in-depth on a topic, the second is to be more analytical than focusing on the bullet points of a particular story. These have always been the Run’s strongest points, from the Tactical Reviews, to the Blowback and post-Blowback updates this year and last.

It’s about time I play to those strengths on a more regular basis. The final weekly update of the Run will be next week, and we will then be bi-weekly from that point onwards.

So with that out of the way, let’s get to business. This week, the Southern Poverty Law Center says Charlottesville proves the need for gun laws, an update on the Bergdahl case, and an update on Rep. Scalise’s recovery.

1.) Charlottesville. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which at this point is known as a left-wing outfit that sees conservatives as hate groups, saws the events of Charlottesville prove the need to change open carry laws in the state. This is, of course, despite the lack of any incidents involving firearms and one involving a car. The president of the organization said that “Peaceful protesters being met with men carrying military-style weapons. Many of those unarmed were probably intimidated. I certainly think I would have been.”

It has lead to a really interesting situation where the SPLC and the ACLU, two groups known to be fairly-left leaning, are taking two completely different tacts to the event. The SPLC is going after gun laws, the ACLU is defending the right of the protesters to speak, regardless of how repugnant their views are. (As we have discussed here multiple times, supporting someone’s rights is not the same as supporting their actions.

2.) Bergdahl. The trial of Bowe Bergdahl is taking its sweet time to get started. The latest development suggests that the trial will now be one resting on a single judge and not a trial-by-jury. Bergdahl’s lawyers wanted it this way, arguing that it would be near impossible for an impartial jury to be selected.

This case has been almost three years in the making.

3.) Scalise. The headline on the Daily Wire is all you need to know, “Scalise Must Lear To Walk Again After Congressional Baseball Shooting“. The 51-year-old Scalise was shot on June 14 as Congressional Republicans were gearing up for the annual baseball event between the GOP and the Democrats. House Speaker Paul Ryan would only say that Scalise would need to relearn how to walk again, but that he is speaking, and joined a conference call this week to discuss the GOP’s agenda for the fall.

Ryan, however, was unequivocal about the fact that Scalise has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Next week, we enter our new bi-weekly schedule with a ton of notes on Harvey, and survival of natural disasters.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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