Worldwide Blueprint

The new format opens up a ton of opportunities for the Run, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas (the Midnight Run’s ONLY two major breaks) coming up, it’s worth laying out the plans for the new format in detail. This week, we lay out upcoming projects, the update schedule, and an occasional shift in tone as the Midnight Run evolves well past its previous weekly news-brief format.

1.) Upcoming projects. The Midnight Run is going, for a host of reasons, to expand well beyond the regular news update that it has had for the last four years. Among these reasons are that 1.) the longer form discussions are, frankly, a lot more fun to write, 2.) considerably more topics can be explored with their own article instead of being sprinkled into a two-paragraph news piece, 3.) there are a number of subjects I have been meaning to get into that fit neither the news updates, nor do they make any sense in the immediate wake of Blowback.

Topics planned for the Run include a long-overdue update to Midnight Run: Debt (as opposed to the occasional updates built within certain briefs), a considerably deeper look at suicide (which was barely referenced in previous updates), and continuing updates to Lethal Ignorance (which itself will become a regular part of the Run’s focus).

2.) Update schedule. There are only two stops in the Midnight Run schedule. Two weeks for Thanksgiving, and two weeks for Christmas. The irony is that, with the new format, those holidays aren’t much of an issue. The Run will update on November 4 and 18, and December 2nd and 16th. There will be a Grab Bag for both January updates, before returning to normal in February.

3.) Tonal shift. On occasion, we need to break from what is, almost by necessity, a consistently violent news stream, and discussions about heavy topics. Occasionally, we need to focus on much lighter fare, and discuss much more This is the mindset that led to the July updates, which themselves take after the more optimistic tone of Blowback. The Run will continue to cover much more difficult topics with the clinical approach it always has (because that’s the respectful way to do it), but occasionally we will look at the much less violent side of the news.

The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly, there are way too many other places where one can go to get what is essentially a running police report of everything going wrong. The second, and to some extent more important, point, is that eventually it becomes draining. It’s not all that entertaining to be told how everything around you is going wrong (this is what killed Air America, too much of a focus on being incredibly cynical, and no focus on being informative or entertaining). It is both much more interesting and frankly, more realistic, to occasionally stop looking at everything going wrong and occasionally look at everything going right.

4.) Bottom Line. The Run will continue to check news every month, and that will be the most structured the Run gets from here on. Over the next few months, as the Run turns 4, the scope will expand well beyond firearms. The result will be a much more varied series, with the ability to put a topic under a microscope that simply couldn’t happen under the previous format’s relatively rapid production pipeline. In other words, a better product with the help of more production time.

On November 7, the Midnight Run will be four years old. The format of mostly-weekly news briefs has become, in all candor, stagnant and repetitive. Even in that four years, the tone, writing style, and author of the Run have all changed significantly in that half-decade.

It is time that the Midnight Run embrace all of that, and become a considerably better project as a result.

But regardless of the changes here…..

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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