Newsroom: April 2018

This week, a ton of stuff in relation to background checks, New York looks to get credit card companies to stop taking firearms purchases, and checks surge in Florida.

1.) Background Checks. Apparently thinking that the problem with an incomplete data set is that the info isn’t held long enough, gun control organizations, and at least one Congresswoman, want to hold onto NICS data for 90 days, as opposed to current law. At the moment, personally identifiable info is held in NICS for only 24 hours (unless, of course, the NICS check comes back positive).

How that’s going to actually help, when the actual issue is the lack of data on prohibited persons, is anyone’s guess.

2.) Credit Cards. Bloomberg is reporting that the Comptroller of NY state, wants credit card companies to treat gun purchases in a manner similar to how they treat porn, illegal drugs, etc. In a way, this would help gun sales, as gun purchases made in cash would skip the transaction fees most credit card platforms have. It is an interesting way to make purchasing a firearm difficult for everybody, which of course is the goal of anti-gun types (no matter how much they claim otherwise. Their actions tend to speak a lot louder.)

It’s also worth noting the Bloomberg video’s extremely clever sleight of hand in regards to the Second Amendment. As we have discussed before in research shows that gun sales have only started to pick up as the first quarter of 2018 closed. Considering that credit card companies have a vested interest in not cutting themselves off from legitimate business, it is unlikely that any of the major companies will follow New York’s wishes.

Guns are one of many areas where restrictions only tend to increase sales. We saw this in Florida, where new regulations different take that is worth considering given the recent action YouTube has taken against gun channels

In turn, I think that is a core concept that the pro-rights advocates do not comprehend as well. “Gun control” extremists do not want to regulate firearms. They do not even want to regulate you. They want to destroy knowledge, pure and simple. Though, if they could kill a few peaceful, law-abiding Americans along the way, a disturbing number of them would be sanguine with that.

So, in essence, gun control survives only on ignorance, and gun controllers are hell-bent on making as many people as ignorant as possible.

It was never about gun control, it was always about people control.

Stay alert. Stay informed. Stay free.

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