Random Thoughts: Roots

The next update is Blowback.

I’ve been going though some material for this year, and so this update will be a recap on Blowback’s purpose, and what Blowback will be focused on this year.

Blowback was born as, what was termed at the time, as a sort of unapologetic flag-waving. It was meant as a Midnight Run built for, and in celebration of Independence Day. It was almost inherently political, in the opening; focusing on the rise of the Tea Party, and the so-called liberty movement (which has flat-out exploded in recent years). It more or less served as a checkpoint on various issues for the country as a whole.

More recent fare has shifted the topic back to the history of the US, and the values of self-reliance and individualism that the country held in high regard at its founding. When Blowback did get political, it was always geared towards an optimistic viewpoint; that the country was 1.) going to survive just about everything thrown at it, 2.) that the country was not nearly as horrid as is often depicted, and 3.) that the foundations of the country were worth examining, understanding, and fighting for.

Over the years, that optimistic outlook became significantly harder to cling to with any sense of intellectual honesty. The Tea Party was almost invariably co-opted, a series of events in the last 4-6 years seemed intent on irreparably dividing the country, and generally feeling historically pessimistic about the direction of the country from as recently as January of 2016.

Now, however, a lot has changed. Whether we’re discussing gun rights, the economy, the surging free-speech movement (both here and in Europe), or the size and scope of government; there has been a ton of extremely positive info coming out over the last year or so.

And so, that is what Blowback will focus on this year. We will discuss the state of the country from multiple angles. We will discuss the economy, gun rights, and an incredibly ambitious plan by the Trump administration to reduce the size of the Federal government. A reduction in the size and scope of the Federal government, by definition, allows for greater freedom at the state and local levels.

In short, we will look at the rebuilding of the country, and the, frankly, stunning progress of the last year and a half.

Blowback can get back to its roots, and do so while remaining true to its more optimistic tone.

Blowback drops the night of July 3rd.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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