Newsroom: July 2018

Campus carry leads to nothing happening at Kansas State, MGM Resorts sues the victims of the Vegas shooting, and the Libertarian Party’s 2020 candidates somehow manage to look even worse.

It’s a post-Blowback Newsroom, so it’s rather brief.

1.) Campus Carry. It has been over a year since campus carry went live in Kansas. In a pattern that has happened non-stop in every other state with Campus Carry on the books, all of none of the apocalyptic claims from anti-gun groups actually happened. In fact, Kansas State Police Department didn’t file any criminal charges relating to firearms on campus. The best one can point to are “two policy violations.”

The apocalypse continues to be quite late. In a related story, HB 60 in Georgia has been live for upwards of 4 years now.

2.) LP 2020. The Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidates for 2020 already include Adam Kokesh, running on a platform of dissolving the Federal government; and Bill Weld, who famously couldn’t stop endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016. Now we have Arvin Vohra who has thus far been famous for challenging age-of-consent laws, and having a rather dim view of military vets.

The Libertarian Party’s best shot was last cycle, and it’s rather obvious they aren’t really going to have much of a chance this cycle.

3.) Suing the victims. In a bizarre twist in the Vegas shooting case, MGM Resorts International is suing roughly 1,000 victims of the shooting in Nevada’s federal court system. The suits allege, essentially, that MGM Resorts has no liability whatsoever to defendants. The lawyers representing the victims have taken a much different tact, with attorney Robert Eglet telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal that “It’s just really sad that they would stoop to this level.”

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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