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I am starting to become exhausted of the almost regular notifications of active shooters in areas where guns are prohibited and the ignorance that floods social media thereafter.

Put bluntly: Shit’s getting old.

The idea that military bases are gun-free-zones is apparently insane even to gun control advocates. We saw this madness at Fort Hood too. Worst part is that this is DC. It’s a shooting at a gun-free-zone WITHIN a gun-free-zone.

Over on Twitter, the requisite screeches of “what will it take” and “we must do something” flood my Twitter feed as if a sewage pipe burst. Key parts of the story are left out and replaced with emotion. It doesn’t matter that he stole the weapon, nor that he carried a gun into a place where he REALLY wasn’t allowed to. What matters is we need to do “something.”

And what stopped the shooter? What horrible force brought it to an end?
Another gun. Proportionate force.

The response, apparently, is that there weren’t ENOUGH laws for this lunatic to break. What laws, for example, would have prevented him from stealing the AR from the base? (In addition, note that this guy passed all military background checks and even had a Secret security clearance.)

It wouldn’t hurt everyone to start noticing patterns like this. And how the “next” mass shooting is flat-out impossible to predict, and therefore impossible to stop. The “only option” right now (as many college handbooks note) is essentially to keep a low profile and pray he doesn’t off you. I would suggest another option; having even the CHANCE to fight back.

Anti-gun vs. pro-gun comes down to submission vs. empowerment. Do you want to pray police get there in time, or have a defense while the police are on the way? Would you place bets on an LEO who is on the other side of the campus when the Wolf is LITERALLY at the door, or would you prefer to be prepared for him?

In short, do you want to hope you don’t get killed or have a 165 decibel say in whether you get killed?

The idea that there are people who would force you to rely on others who simply cannot get to you in time (no matter how much they want to) is repulsive at best, and flat-out evil at worst.